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EnviroESCA enables analyses at pressures far above UHV. It is designed for high-throughput analysis and opens up new applications in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology and the life sciences. It offers the shortest loading-to-measurement time on samples of all types including liquids, tissue, plastics and foils, powders, soil, zeolites, rocks, minerals and ceramics.

It is Environmental, because it has a controllable atmosphere from sample loading to analysis, it contains an adaptable process gas dosing systemsm it allows for the use of several specialized SampleEnvironments and it is compatible with all kinds of samples and sizes up to Ø 120 mm and 40 mm in height.

It is versatile, because it uses a revolutionary analyzer technology and a μ-focus X-ray source. Thus is is a high resolution XPS system for any type of sample due to the environmental charge compensation by the gas phase. If needed it also includes sputter depth profiling using either monoatomic Ar-ions or Ar clusters.

It is completely integrated. This means, that it is anergonomic all-in-one design enabling quick installation and setup. The downtime is minimized due to its reliability and maintenance-friendly structure with easy consumables replacement. All-in-all this makes EnviroESCA a cost and time efficient servicing tool for every day use in laboratories and aside a production line.

EnviroESCA is a reliable tool because of complete documentation of all parameters, including the system status, the possibility to define and store reproducible analysis recipes and templates, and an Uptime focussed user support.
Finally the system is optimized by the application oriented software package Keystone, a automated vacuum system with remote operation ability, simple sample loading and a clear optical 3D sample navigation procedure avoiding.

Give up the limitations of ultrahigh vacuum in XPS and explore new applications every day. Further information and system specifications can be found on the EnviroESCA product page.

Evolve revolutionary products for new applications and unique experiments.

Enviro Analytical Instruments introduces a new innovative era of surface analysis, which opens up new possibilities for analytical applications in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology, and the life sciences. Building on the pioneering developments of the SPECS Group in recent years Enviro Analytical Instruments proudly presents EnviroESCA.
This novel and smart analysis tool overcomes the barriers of standard XPS systems by enabling analysis at pressures far above UHV.


Providing flexibility to a well-defined tool

The unique sample environment in EnviroESCA makes it ideally suited for characterization of materials that may not be UHV compatible: The stringent UHV requirement of conventional XPS is dispensed with in EnviroESCA. Dedicated sample environment modules are provided as smart units for different classes of samples and applications. The modules are equipped with all relevant components such as sample stage, plasma cleaning and gas handling. Their exchange can be readily accomplished in just a few minutes. Variable or high temperature Sample Environments are available on request. 

Further information and system specifications can be found on the EnviroESCA page or the Sample Environment page.


All samples are introduced to the sample environment modules via SmartDock. It consists of a sliding door mechanism for manual sample loading with a connection system for easy docking of sample containers. The sample containers allow transportation of samples prepared ex situ under vacuum or gas atmospheres.While docked, sample containers are supplied with power, gases and pressurized air for valves or actuators. The containers are fully integrated into the EnviroESCA device network for remote control or automation. The SmartDock can also be exchanged with a glove box docking system.

Measurement time can be saved by planning experiments in advance with the stand-alone SampleExplorer. An unlimited number of measurement positions and tasks can be defined for batch processing before inserting the sample into EnviroESCA. A high precision sample stage is embedded in a geometrical mockup of the analysis setting. Equipped with three high resolution cameras it enables documentation of the analysis area. For each measurement position a “through the lens” view with an optical resolution well below 10 μm and a wide angle view of the analysis position are recorded in conjunction with a survey view of the platter.

EnviroESCAs standard sample plates are designed to accommodate SEM specimen holders. This guarantees full flexibility and compatibility to SEM stub based systems. The standard sample plates can also be equipped with a multipin electric contact.

EnviroESCA can be equipped with different high temperature sample plates. Together with the dedicated SampleEnvironment and a IR Diode laser heater sample temperatures of up to 800°C in 10 mbar Nitrogen atmosphere can be reached. For sample temperatures of up to 600°C a sample plate with a button heater is available.

A dedicated sample plate with a Peltier cooler allows for thermoelectric cooling of the sample to temperatures down to 5°C at elevated pressures. Temperature control and stabilization is realized with a PID Controller.

Further information and system specifications can be found on the EnviroESCA page or the Sample Explorer product page.


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