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Welcome to the homepage of SPECSGROUP

We proudly present the new homepage of the SPECSGROUP

In time for the DPG 2019 we are online. Over a year of hard work for us and our agency has been invested in this project.
We are particularly proud of our product filter, which allows you to quickly and efficiently explore the products that are right for you from our portfolio. Simply filter for the appropriate search criteria, such as a Method, Application or Product Line.
We will provide more content and functionality in the coming months. For example, there will be a personal MySPECS section that will allow you to download, e.g. of manuals and will provide tailored information to you. Let yourself be surprised!

DPG 2019

Visit us at our booths at the DPG 2019. We present the SPECS Group this year from April 2nd till 4th on three booths.

- Booth 64 EnviroESCA
- Booth 65 Nanonis
- Booth 70 SPECS

In addition to our new products ASTRAIOS 150 & Mimea BP5e, we also present our new website! At the SPECS booth you also have the opportunity to speak with the Service & Support about your support questions. We look forward to seeing you!

Product Launch Mimea BP5e

The Mimea Base Package BP5e is the latest evolution of the Nanonis SPM Control System. It combines exceptional signal quality, high speed and a flexible, powerful and user-friendly software interface. It’s the logical choice for the most demanding SPM applications.

With over 400 units in operation, the Nanonis SPM Control System base package 5 is the result-producing workhorse for demanding SPM experiment. The enhanced BP5e builds on the exceptional performance and signal quality of the BP5 and off ers higher speed and even  more  functionality  and  flexibility.  From signal conditioning and AD/DA conversion to fast signal processing via a comprehensive and operation-optimized graphical user interface, the Nanonis SPM Control System provides a powerful framework that can be further adapted and extended with a wide range of add-on modules. All basic processes such as scan control, spectroscopy, Z-control, fast data acquisition, data monitoring and logging, spectroscopy, atomic manipulation and lithography are included, allowing easy control of most STM and AFM operations. The software provides measurement methods and complete signal processing combined with a modern and easy to use graphical interface, off ering all necessary functionalities  and  an  efficient  workflow  for demanding SPM experiments.

Nanonis SPM Control System Base Package 5
Base Package of the Nanonis SPM Control System: RC5 real-time controller, SC5 signal conversion interface and Nanonis SPM software

Product Launch ASTRAIOS 150

2D momentum mapping electron analyzer with a revolutionary direct k-mapping single spot parallel shifting lens with a virtual entrance slit for ultimate k- and energy resolved ARPES

Key Features

  • Single spot parallel shifting lens (patent applied)
  • ± 30° acceptance angle (± 1 Å-1 k-range for He I, ± 2.5 Å-1 k-range for (S)XPS)
  • k-resolution < 0.003 Å-1
  • Energy resolution < 2 meV
  • Motorized virtual analyzer entrance slit

Corrosion study of a paper clip in vinegar with EnviroESCA

Press Release

Scienta Omicron AB and SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, Berlin, announced today that they have settled all of their controversies regarding hemispherical electron analyzers presently marketed under the name PHOIBOS 100 SAL, PHOIBOS 150 SAL and PHOIBOS 225 SAL.

According to the Agreement, SPECS will withdraw its pending oppositions and honor the respective patents by giving up its business activities related to the before-stated hemispherical electron analyzers.

SPECS’ customers using the hemispherical electron analyzers presently marketed under the name PHOIBOS 100 SAL, PHOIBOS 150 SAL and PHOIBOS 225 SAL will not be affected by this Agreement. Scienta undertakes not to raise claims against such customers.  

The further elements of the Agreement are confidential.