FlexProbe System

New system for state-of-the-art micro-probe XPS and HAXPES

The latest addition to the SPECS system portfolio, the FlexProbe system, combines micro-probe XPS with HAXPES techniques in an innovative system solution. It is an illustration of our extensive experience in developing complex system solutions that fulfill the requirements for the most demanding scientific applications. One of the  more impressive features of the system is that two small spot, monochromatic X-ray sources are mounted on the analysis chamber: the µ-FOCUS 195 with an Al anode for µ-spot XPS analysis with 10µm lateral resolution as well as the µ-FOCUS 730 with a Cr anode to enable HAXPES. The fast and easy switch between AlKα (1.486 keV) and CrKα (5.414 keV) excitation energies allows the operator to not only characterize the sample surface, but also  gain insights into the bulk properties. The FlexProbe system is equipped with our  PHOIBOS 150 hemispherical electron analyzer coupled with the 1D-DLD detector, which is the perfect match for ultra-fast XPS and HAXPES measurements. Different components like a gas cluster ion source or  UV source can be added to the analysis chamber. An optional, fully equipped preparation chamber allows for sample preparation by using sputtering, annealing or deposition techniques. The integration of these components in our versatile and easy-to-use SpecsLab Prodigy software package makes FlexProbe the perfect tool for your daily demanding XPS measurement tasks.

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