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µ-spot ARXPS System

Flexible and Upgradable µ-spot ARXPS System for Ultra Small Spot Depth Analysis 

µ-spot ARXPS System is designed to perform angular resolved XPS analysis with a combination of a µ-spot  X-ray source, a µ-FOCUS 350 with Rowland circle diameter of 350 mm and an achievable µ-spot size of 50 µm, and a PHOIBOS 150 WAL (Wide Angle Lens) Analyzer. A single aluminum anode is fitted as standard.

It provides the scientist with an optimized solution.  The system allows to start with a basic configuration for µ-spot ARXPS and expand with upgrade options towards improved performance or expansion to more additional methods. This means the system can grow depending of additional requirements and needs.

The possibility of coupling the system to other UHV systems as well as adapting the system for fulfilling customized criteria is also available.

The system basis consists basically in the following items:

  • µ-metal analysis chamber
  • PHOIBOS 150 WAL Analyzer (wide angle lens analyzer) with 2D detector
  • Manipulator with until 5 axis movement option and heating and cooling option
  • Ultra small spot X-ray source (µ-FOCUS 350)
  • Water Cooling System for Source and pumping system
  • Load lock chamber for sample introduction with sample storage and sample heating options
  • Extension possibility for possible preparation or reaction chamber
  • Pumping system
  • Bake-out System
  • Electronic
  • SPECS software for data acquisition, data analysis, remote control and automation possibility

Additional and optional items

  • Ion gun for sample cleaning (IQE 11/35) (recommended)
  • Ion gun for sample cleaning and sputtering depth profiling (IQE 12/38)
  • Flood Gun (FG 22/35) for sample charge neutralization
  • Combination of Low energetic ion gun and Flood Gun for sample charge neutralization
  • Electron gun for Auger Spectroscopy (EQ 22/35)
  • Electron gun and Secondary Electron Detector for SEM/SAM)
  • Ultraviolet source for UPS measurements (UVS 10/35 or µSIRIUS)
  • Monochromated small spot UV source for ARPES
  • Sample camera
  • Laser pointer


  • State of the art ARXPS with 60° Acceptance Angle
  • Optimized Lens Geometry for Non-destructive depth profiling
  • Large Kinetic and Pass Energy Range
  • High energy and Angular Resolution
  • Complete System Concept for samples up to 12”
  • Flexible and Modular Surface Analysis System Design
  • Optimized for best analysis performance
  • MultiMethod system capability (it can be combined with ARPES and SEM/SAM)
  • Easy and cost effective upgrade options


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