Extractor Type Low Energy Ion Source

The IQE 12 LE operates with a filament and ionizes the gas by electron bombardment and can be switched between normal mode and low energy mode. In normal mode, the energy range is 0.2 - 5 kV, suitable for depth profiling or LEIS/ISS applications. In low energy mode, one can change the range to 0 - 500 eV. This mode is especially suitable for charge compensation in SEM applications. Its long-lifetime special Yttrium oxide coated Iridium filament makes the source suitable for reactive and inert gases. In sensitive environments, differential pumping ensures low pressure during operation of the source.
The two lens system of the source allows easy changing of the spot size, which is continuously variable from 160 µm to 1000 µm. The PU-IQE12/38 power supply can be remotely controlled and provides key stone correction of the scan area to generate flat crater bottoms on tilted samples.


  • Scannable with large scan area
  • Special filament for long lifetime and operation with reactive gases
  • Differential pumping for low pressure applications
  • Power supply with integrated scan and deflection unit
  • Keystone correction for depth profiling at tilted angles
  • Suitable for dual beam charge compensation in XPS, SEM applications
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