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HSA Analyzer Controllers (HSA 3500 plus / HSA 7000 plus / HSA 10000 plus / HSA 14000 plus)

Stable and Precise Control System for Outstanding PES Performance.

The HSA anaylzer control system is amodular concept for varous applications. The main control system can be equipped with different power supplied depending on the used detector. The modular concept with individual power supplied for differeent energy regions allows to easily upgrade and service the control system. For high voltage applications or spin detectors pecial addon modules based on the HSA design are availabe to extend the capabilities beyond simple 1D and 2D PES applications.

The  indiviodual power suppliy units show best performance at high kinetic energies (e.g. 3500V, 7000V,...) but also on the low kinetic energy region for laser ARPES close to 0eV kinetic energy. This makes the PSECS analyzer series the most power full performing analyzers available for a large part of surface analysis.


  • One Powersupply for all Analyzer Modes (UPS and XPS)
  • Moduar Design
  • Bipolar Power Supply
  • Extreme Low Noise
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