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Specially Designed UHV Chamber with an Optimized Geometry for Combination of  such Electron Spectroscopy Applications as XPS, UPS, AES and ISS with Full Performance for each Method.

XPS system FlexPS from Specs

The heart of the photoelectron spectroscopy system FlexPS is a specially designed UHV chamber with an optimized geometry for all common electron- and ion spectroscopy applications. The chamber is made of μ-metal in order to optimize magnetic shielding and allow the highest energy resolution. For less sensitive applications, a stainless steel configuration is also available.The system base fits a variety of pumping configurations available to meet specified gas load and base pressure requirements. Thanks to the unique design, components can easily be added, upgraded and exchanged. Within the flexible system concept, different sample handling options can be chosen with respect to sample size, temperature range and manipulation possibilities. Our photoelectron spectroscopy system FlexPS allows sample sizes up to 2” using manipulation possibilities with up to 6 degrees of freedom. It offers fitting solutions for all standard heating and cooling operations, thus covering a broad temperature range. Additional sample storage slots can be implemented to increase the system’s efficiency or to upgrade for multi-user operation.

Centerpiece for electron spectroscopy is the highly flexible hemispherical analyzer PHOIBOS, available configurations for ESCA, XPS, ARXPS, ARPES, UPS, AES, SAM, ISS, snap shot data acquisition and 2D detection modes. Depending on the application, suitable excitation sources can be chosen from a wide range of options:

  • X-ray sources for X PS/ESCA includuding twin anode X -ray source XR 50 and monochromatic X -ray source FOCUS 500 and special μ-FOCUS sources
  • Electron source EQ 22 for AES and electron sources for SEM/SAM down to 100 nm lateral resolution
  • Variety of UV sources for UPS: UVS 10/35, µSIRIUS with optional monochromator
  • Flood Gun FG 15/40 for charge compensation
  • Ion sources for sample preparation, depth profiling and ISS: IQE 11/35 and IQE 12/38
  • Sample manipulator with up to 6 axis, sample size up to 2” and heating and cooling facilities


  • Optimized geometry for all electron- and ion spectroscopy applications
  • Easily customizable
  • Easily upgradable
  • Cost-effective




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