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Fast Sample Introduction Load Lock with Quick Acess Door, Pumping System and Optional Sample Storage

Flex Intro is a special fast sample introduction load lock with minimized volume for fast pump down. Pumping options include an independent turbo pump station or a cost efficient bypass solution. The system is designed for sample handling and loading of the SPECS SH2/12 sample plates for sample sizes up to 10 mm x 10 mm.

Flex Intro Plus is an advanced multipurpose load lock system with upgrade paths for sample preparation and rotary sample distribution. The system has extended sample handling capabilities for up to 2” sample sizes, sample storage possibilities of up to 8 samples and rotary sample distribution. Optimized ports for sample preparation options, like heating for degassing, ion sputtering and deposition are included. The pumping configuration can be chosen to suit the desired base pressure, pump down speed and gas loads. The system has radial sample distribution with sample carousel and connection of up to 5 satellite chambers. Sample preparation possibilities include ion source IQE 11/35, hydrogen cracker source TGC-H, e-beam evaporators, EBE-1 or EBE-4 or plasma sources.

An optional sample storage in the loadlock system is available on request.


  • Fast sample loading
  • Minimized volume for fast pump down
  • Easily customizable
  • Easily upgradable
  • Cost-effective


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