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The ion source IQE 12/38 is an extractor type, differentially pumped ion source producing a focused, scannable ion beam of high current density. It is a dedicated small spot source for depth profiling, ISS and SIMS.

The IQE 11/35 is a very stable extractor type ion source operating with a long-lifetime special Yttrium oxide coated Iridium filament. As a compact, easy-to-handle extractor type ion source the IQE 11/35 is suitable for reactive and non-reactive gases and is optimized for sample cleaning.

The ion source IQP 10/63 is a cold cathode ion source for rapid cleaning of large surface areas. It has a very flat beam profile. The energy range is about 200 eV to 6 keV. Because of its filamentless design, no replacement of used up filaments is needed. Thus the IQP 10



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