Nanonis SPM Control System

Designed for you by SPM application experts

Nanonis's SPM control system is used for a wide range of applications ranging from tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy to SNOM, non-contact AFM, and special setups for more complex measurements. With the help of adaptation kits the control system adapts to any type of microscope, commercial or home-built. The systems have been used world-wide to produce results that made it to the cover pages of outstanding scientific journals.

Reliability, user-friendliness and flexibility are the three principles which guide our development.
Our reliable and user-friendly control system for scanning probe microscopes gives you the freedom to focus on nanoscience without restrictions. Let us do the engineering and you enjoy doing science.

Nanonis SPM Control System Base Package 5
Base Package of the Nanonis SPM Control System: RC5 real-time controller, SC5 signal conversion interface and Nanonis SPM software
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