Cutting Edge Scanning Probe Microscopy and Quantum Transport Measurements.

Driven by their experience in Scanning Probe Microscopy and their revolutionary ideas on how such measurements could be realized, a small team of research scientists turned entrepreneurs founded Nanonis in 2002. By applying utmost care to both the hardware component selection and the software algorithms employed, ensuring optimum data quality has always been at the core of the Nanonis mind-set. The graphical user interface with its “Cockpit” approach allowed presenting the myriad of functionalities in a clearly arranged design. Continuous investment into the platform produces a steadily growing feature-set available to the user.

In 2009 Nanonis became part of the SPECS group as SPECS Zurich, benefitting from an established infrastructure and international network. During this time, Nanonis products have continuously re-defined the standard in SPM control systems. Customer- and community feedback, including leading figures in academic and industrial research, ensures that Nanonis innovation and development continues to serve researchers’ needs.

Nanonis is ...

... a swiss brand.

Thus Nanonis control systems for SPM and Quantum Transport Measurements offer true swiss quality, highest precision and superior data quality.

... a scientists' brand.

Founded by research scientists turned entrepreneurs the Nanonis control systems are designed by scientists for scientists.

... producing the "swiss army knife" for SPM control and quantum transport measurements.

Due to their modular design the control systems are extremely versatile and customizable. Mimea, for example, can run mostly any SPM in the world and turn it into a more productive instrument.

... giving excellent usability to your experiment.

Having been the first brand to assemble all functions on a comprehensive and clear "cockpit"-like graphical user interface, Nanonis designs their control systems consequently user-friendly. The ability to program and store individual scripts and procedures by the customer makes a user feel "at home".

... taking care.

Be sure, that - where ever you are in the world - you will receive a substantial answer in 24 to 36 hours from the best expert in the field on your service request.

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