Nanonis Tramea

The revolutionary approach to quantum transport measurements

The Nanonis Tramea™ quantum transport measurement system offers a novel and superior approach to transport measurements. It provides a measurement speed increase of up to 1000x compared to conventional measurement systems, superior performance in a smaller footprint, plenty of signals and a powerful and customizable user interface for today’s and tomorrow’s most sophisticated scientific research.

With high-resolution AD/DA conversion, signal conditioning and fast signal processing, Nanonis Tramea™ is a full replacement for the traditional measurement rack. But it is also more than just a higher-performance and higher-speed replacement for DC sources, lock-in amplifiers, multimeters, oscilloscopes and other instruments: Nanonis Tramea™ is a complete measurement platform, providing advanced data optimization algorithms, a high degree of customization, and a powerful framework that can be further adapted and extended with a wide range of add-on modules.

Nanonis Tramea base configuration
Nanonis Tramea base configuration: TRC real-time controller, TSC signal conversion interface and Nanonis software
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