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FOCUS 500/600

400 W for Al, 600 W for Ag

Maximum Anode Voltage

15 kV

Dual Anode


Working Conditions


Required Accessories

CCX 70 Isolation Unit

Closed-Cycle Water Cooling

Optional Accessories

Differential pumping

BIS attachment


Yes (Al Kα and Ag Lα radiation)

Anode Materials Available

Al, Ag

Power Supply

UXC 1000

Mounting Flange

DN100 CF

Insertion Depth

n. a.

max. chamber port length for FOCUS 500: 177 mm

max. chamber port length for FOCUS 600: 254 mm

Rowland Cirlce Diameter

500 mm for FOCUS 500

600 mm for FOCUS 600

Cross Talk

n. a.

Photon Flux

2.3 × 1011 photons/s (Al 400 W, FOCUS 500) 

1.6 × 1011 photons/s (Al 400 W, FOCUS 600)

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