SPECS at IFOX of Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

SPECS is proud to have made a major contribution to the science at the Institute on Functional Oxides for Energy-Efficient Information Technology (IFOX) at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin with our innovative, integrative and customized system design of our XPS systems. At IFOX, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Catherine Dubourdieu, Thin Films of metal oxided are fabricated and characterized, which will be a promising material for future energy-efficient components of communication technology and can also be used for brain-inspired computing.

The complete chain from material synthesis over advanced characterization to application and integration into prototype devices is represented at IFOX.

Let this video from IFOX inspire you with the many possibilities you could map with a SPECS surface analysis system.

We wish the IFOX much success in developing the most advanced materials.

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