Spacetek – Cutting-edge time-of-flight gas analysis from Switzerland

Spacetek, a Swiss company from Gümligen close to Bern offers with the IonTamerTM-Series uncompromized gas analysis with an AMU range from 1 to 1.200 in a compact bolt-on design. The time-of-flight technology allows for ultrafast and dynamic control of gas compositions. The whole mass spectrum is recorded in snapshot mode, without sweeping through the masses. This approach is perfectly suited for highly dynamic processes, also allowing for post-process forensic analysis. The integration of the IonTamerTM into NAP-XPS systems combines the dynamic chemical analysis of surface compositions of solids or liquids in operando experiments by XPS with parallel dynamic gas analysis of the reaction gases in a wide mass range, also allowing for the analysis of large organic molecules developing from reactions or evapoarting from liquid media. Especially the seamless integration into EnviroESCA opens new analytical perspectives.

We are proud to announce, that from December 2021 on SPECS is the worldwide exclusive distributor for the IonTamerTM series for academic customers. For further product information and details on the integration into your XPS or NAP-XPS instrumentation please contact your local SPECS sales partner, or SPECS in Berlin using. For further details on Spacetek  click here. Spacetek – operando gas analysis at ist best.

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