AD-CMOS Detector

The growing attention received from non-destructive surface analysis techniques based on electron and ion spectroscopy has called for considerable advance in instrumentation for these methods.

A common denominator in these techniques is a reliable and repeatable quantification which can only be achieved with excellent detection efficiency, high count rate linearity, fast parallel data acquisition, long-term stability and true event counting capabilities of the detector behind the electron analyzer.

Here we present the AD-CMOS detector, as a novel solution that exceeds the state-of-the-art products at an attractive price point.

The CMOS principle is based on a fast CMOS camera that acquires images from the phosphorous screen on which an algorithm identifies the impact of single electrons and transfers them into an energy channel count. For the AD-CMOS detector the sensitivity was expanded to a larger detection area resulting in a true quantitative electron counting detector with outstanding linearity and detection efficiency as well as fast acquisition speed.

Additionally, the flexible and adaptive channel configuration of the new AD-CMOS allows to easily switch from one-dimensional operation mode (pure spectroscopy e.g. for XPS and UPS) to a two-dimensional operation for angular resolved studies (spectroscopy in a reasonable number of angle channels, e.g. ARXPS,). This makes the AD-CMOS detector the perfect and cost-efficient match for any new SPECS analyzer designed for (NAP)-XPS, ARXPS, HAXPES, AES/SAM and ISS, especially the PHOIBOS 150, PHOIBOS 150 WAL and PHOIBOS 150 NAP. An Upgrade for existing analyzers with the AD-CMOS detector is plug-and-play.

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