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Momentum Microscopy

A Momentum Microscope is a highly resolving energy filter with a PEEM lens in front. In PEEM mode this lens allows for energy filtered images of the sample surface in real space. The lateral resolution is typically 50-100 nm. A field aperture allows for selection of the acceptance area in ┬Ám size.

After selection of this region of interest the lens is switched to momentum- (or k-) resolving mode. Due to the extraction potential between sample and lens a large k- (or angle-) cone enters the lens. A large segment of the reciprocal space, or - depending on the photon energy of the source - typically several Brillouin-zones are detected in one image. A zoom lens allows for zooming into the reciprocal space. By this excellent ARPES results can be recorded from a small sample spot. By this also inhomogeneous or tiny samples are accessable for ARPES:


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