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Vacuum Control

The Vacuum Control program provides a quick overview of the vacuum system and allows direct control.

The Vacuum Control program can be started separately from SpecsLab Prodigy and provides a quick and thorough overview of the operating state of the vacuum system and allows to control it directly.

The schematics are reflecting the existing set-up and are giving in real time the status information of the vacuum pumps, gate valves and read-outs of pressure-gauges. Not directly supported devices maybe connected via the Vacuum System Control device family or the generic remote control.

For a more traditional rack-like view of important parameters of each device a user configurable view can be set up which arranges the device panels in a grid. It allows monitoring important parameters from afar while working at the system.


  • Thorough Overview of the Vacuum System
  • Direct Control of Pumps and Valves
  • Customized Views
  • Altenative Rack-like View


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