UXC 1000

UXC 1000 Microprocessor driven Universal X-ray Source Control Unit for SPECS X-ray sources of the XR 50 family

The SPECS UXC 1000 is a universal X-ray source control unit for the X-ray sources of the XR 50 family. The unit can apply a maximum anode voltage of 15 kV and has safety interlocks to protect both people and equipment. It can be remotely controlled and integrated into Specs Prodigy software control system with easy to use graphical user interface.


  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Network interface with string based protocol
  • SpecsLab Prodigy Widgets (optional)
  • Maximum power 1 kW (max. usable power depends on source and anode configuration)
  • Maximum anode voltage 15 kV
  • Integrated arc protection guarantees long source and anode life time
  • Integrated safety electronics for both people and equipment protection
  • 3 height units case for 19 inch electronic racks
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