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Synchrotron ARPES System with PHOIBOS Analyzer

SPECS ARPES System for Synchrotron Application

The SPECS ARPES system for synchrotrons is a fully equipped ARPES and XPS system for modern surface analysis. It features the latest PHOIBOS analyzer series in combination with a ultra low temperature manipulator, sophisticated sample handling and an additional small spot UV and monochromated X-ray source. The analysis module is based on a special µ-metal chamber optimized for low kinetic energy analysis. A dedicated surface science preparation module with all necessary techniques (surface cleaning, LEED, deposition, sample storage) is included as well as a fast entry loadlock.


  • PHOIBOS ARPES Analyzer
  • Energy Resolution <1.8 meV
  • Angular Resolution <0.1°
  • Dedicated Beamnline Entrance
  • Small Spot UV and X-Ray Source with High Intensity
  • Low Temperature 5 Axes Manipulator
  • Sample Strorage and Transfer Chamber
  • Pressure in Analysis Chamber <2 x 10-10 mbar
  • Sample Preparation Module


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