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SpecsLab Prodigy can control many devices out of the box. Not directly supported devices can be integrated via this generic remote interface, allowing deeper integration with customer specific environments.

If those devices use a stateless ASCII protocol, the protocol can be configured in the SpecsLab Prodigy Configuration Tool and can be used to talk directly to the devices via TCP, UDP or serial communication or via standard input / output to connect to a driver executable.

These devices can be used in experiment automation as well as for data recording during spectrum acquisitions or when monitoring the system status. It is also possible to access devices which are operated by other tools, for example, LabVIEWTM or the TANGO / EPICS environments.

For manipulators, beamlines, and TANGO devices we provide programming examples to show the integration.


  • TCP, UDP and Serial Ports Supported
  • Standard I/O Connection to Executables
  • Polling of Arbitrary Parameters
  • Parametrized Commands


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