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Ultra High Energy Hemispherical Energy Analyzer with 2D DLD Detector for HAXPES up to 15 keVwith 225 mm mean radius

The PHOIBOS 225 HV hemispherical energy analyzer is an ultra high kinetic energy analyzer solution for photoelectron spectroscopy on the material science edge. This analyzer can be operated in all relevant analysis modes, such as ARPES, XPS, UPS, as well as AES, ISS and LEISS. Its design and the modular supplementary hardware makes this analyzer the most versatile PES analyzer in the market. Its unique design allows stabe measurements up to 15 keV kinetic energy for highest XPS sensitivity in layered materials and deep core ESCA.

With a 2D DLD HV detector is shows outstanding performance in countrate, linearity and an ultrafast single event countingmechanism. It combines a state of the art lens system with a proven hemipshere design for highest transmission and kinetic energy stability. The analyzer can be operated in transmission (XPS/UPS), angular resolved (ARPES) and magnification mode (slab imaging).

The energy analyzer sectionis equipped with 8 customizable entrance and 3 exit slits. The analyzer comes with a special and highly stable power supply, the AVC 15000, for best performance in anb extreme kinetic energy range.

A classical CCD camera detection system is available on request.


  • Stable High Voltage Operation up to 15 keV
  • Precise and Stable Power Supply
  • Ultra Fast HV 2D DLD Detector with Single Event Counting
  • Angular and Transmission Lens Modes
  • Snapshot and Sweeping Spectra Aquisition




Kinetic Energy Range

0-7000 eV

Pass Energies

0-550 eV Continously Adjustable

Energy Dispersion


Lens Modes

Transmission Mode, Angular Resolved Mode, Magnification (Lateral Resolved) Mode

Measurement Modes

Snapshot Mode, Sweeping Mode, Fixed Energy Mode


2D DLD Detector


8 entrance and 3 exit slits and iris aperture

Energy Window

9% of Pass Energy


HSA 7000 

Working Pressure

10-11 to 10-7 mbar

Energy Resolution

< 2 meV in UPS
< 7 meV in XPS
<15 meV in HAXPES

Angular Resolution

< 0.1°



Acceptance Angle

±15°, ±7°, ±4° and ±3°

Lateral Resolution

< 35 µm

Smallest Acceptance Spot

100 µm

XPS Count Rates UHV


Detector Channels

1000 x 800 (with Channel Binning)

Working Distance

53.3 mm

Mounting Flange

DN150CF (8" OD)

Magnetic Shielding

Double µ-Metal Shielding

Electric Isolation

> 15 keV


  1. (2014) Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) characterisation of electrochemical passivation oxide layers on Al–Cr–Fe complex metallic alloys (CMAs)

    A Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (HAXPES) characterisation of the passivation layers formed by electrochemical polarisation of Al–Cr–Fe complex metallic alloys is presented. By employing X-ray excitation energies from 2.3 to 10.0 keV, the depth distributions of Al- and Cr-oxide and hydroxide species in the (Al,Cr)-containing passive layers could be determined. Simultaneous analyses of the shallow Al 2s and deep Al 1s core level lines (respectively, more bulk- and surface-sensitive) provided complementary information to effectively determine the depth-resolved contributions of hydroxide and oxide species within the passivation layer. A Cr threshold concentration of 18 (at.%) was found for effective passivation at pH 1.

    A. Beni, N. Ott, M. Pawelkiewicz, M. Wardé, K. Young, B. Bauer, P. Rajput, B. Detlefs, J. Zegenhagen, R. McGrath, M.-G. Barthés-Labrousse, L. P. H. Jeurgens, P. Schmutz
    Electrochemistry Communications 46, pp. 13-17
    Read more
  2. (2006) Bulk sensitive photo emission spectroscopy of C1b compounds

    This work reports about bulk-sensitive, high energy photoelectron spectroscopy from the valence band of CoTiSb excited by photons from 1.2 to 5 keV energy. The high energy photoelectron spectra were taken at the KMC-1 high energy beamline of BESSY II employing the recently developed Phoibos 225 HV analyser. The measurements show a good agreement to calculations of the electronic structure using the LDA scheme. It is shown that the high energy spectra reveal the bulk electronic structure better compared to low energy XPS spectra.

    G. H. Fecher, A. Gloskowsky, K. Kroth, J. Barth, B. Balke, C. Felser, F. Schäfers, M. Mertin, S. Maehl, O. Schaff
    Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 156-158, pp. 97-101
    Read more


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Product description
Article No.
DN40CF 4-fold SMB Feedthrough for DLD

Spare electrical feedthrough for all DLD detectors. Connection flange for the ACU unit

Cu-wiregasket PHOIBOS 225 DN700COF

PHOIBOS 225 analyzer main flange gasket. Please report SN before ordering

Rotary feedthrough for IRIS

Replacement feedthrough for PHOIBOS Release R5 & R6 iris mechanism

Spindle with Spur and Bevel Gear for Iris

Replacement spindle for PHOIBOS Release R5 & R6 iris mechanism

Tubus 3 with Iris

Replacement iris mechanism for PHOIBOS Release R5 & R6



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