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Near Ambient Pressure HAXPES System with High Flux Small Spot Monochromated Cr (5.4 keV) X-ray Source for Laboratory Experiments

The NAP-HAXPES system is a perfect answer to the increased demand to work in NAP-HAXPES regime under laboratory environment. HAXPES experiments were performed usually at high energy beamlines of synchrotrons. The development of monochromated and non-monochromated X-ray sources for laboratory, made the HAXPES technique easily accessible. The combination of a  ยต-FOCUS 780 HE NAP monochromated X-ray source with Cr anode (5.4 keV), adapted for the use in NAP regime, with a PHOIBOS 150 HV NAP hemispherical analyzer is ideally suited for studies of interfaces under reactive conditions.


  • Powerful and easy to use systems for studies under near ambient pressure conditions
  • High performance PHOIBOS 150 NAP HV electron analyzer HAXPES compatible up to 7 keV
  • High flux small spot monochromated Cr (5.4 keV) X-ray source
  • Working pressure range from UHV to 50 mbar
  • Optional IR laser heating in gaseous environments
  • Customizable gas handling systems
  • Efficient upgrade options due to modular system concept
  • Well established and proven performance with  a large installed base worldwide


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