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Multimethod System with XPS, Preparation and Sputter Deposition

Linear Transfer System with XPS, Preparation and Sputtering Chambers for Wide Range of Surface Science Applications

The SPECS Multimethod System with LTS, XPS, Preparation and Sputtering is a fully equipped UHV analysis system for modern surface science applications. All systems are designed and manufactured at the SPECS headquarter in Berlin. A special engineering group personally accompanies the system process from the order placing until the final acceptance. Our engineers are dedicated to highest quality and usability of the system during design, testing and setup on site. Once the system is in full operation, a professional service team in our HQ and our worldwide branch offices takes care of a smooth and stable operation.

The SPECS linear transfer system (LTS) connects different satellite modules by a UHV vacuum tube with integrated sample carrier. Up to 5 slots for multiple samples can be moved automatically between the system interconnection points. The flexible design allows a cost efficient upgrade with additional transfer segments. Each segment can host up to two full scale satellite system modules. In this case,  the LTS system comes with XPS-, preparation- and sputtering satellite chambers.

The typical vacuum in SPECS systems is better than 2 x 10-10 mbar achieved during assembly at SPECS. A final end pressure in the 10-11 mbar range is achievable. The standard pumping configuration consists of and ion getter pump (IGP), a titan sublimation pump (TSP) and a turbo molecular pump (TMP) with connecting to a roughing vacuum. Different pumping configurations are available on request including cryopumps, larger pumping schemes and also NEG pumps.

All systems are equipped with a rigid frame and included bake-out tents with automated heating systems. An electronics cabinet hosts all relevant electronics, a main power supply and a TCP/IP based communication platform for the control units.

All SPECS systems are ready for interconnections to other SPECS modules. Also the connection to existing systems can be tested on request.


  • XPS analysis
  • Sputtering chamber for sample  growth and cleaning
  • Sample preparation chamber for sample cleaning, deposition and diffraction measurements
  • Open and modular system design
  • Designed and tested in Berlin, Germany


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