IQE 12/38 Wien Filter

The Wien mass filter selects ions with a defined mass and allows for the generation of an isotope-pure ion beam without multiply charged ions and neutrals by using a combination of electric and magnetic fields.

The Wien Mass Filter is arranged between the ionizer volume and the focussing stages of the ion source IQE 12/38. It selects defined ions and suppresses impurities and neutrals by a combination of electric and magnetic fields. It has the ability to eliminate ions of unwanted isotopes, impurity ions, charged clusters as well as neutral particles and clusters by inclination of the optical axis. The standard configuration isequiped with 4800 Gauss magnet and for H and He gas applications 1000 Gaus magnet can be supplied. It is suitable for applications in Ion Scattering Spectroscopy ISS, SIMS and SNMS analysis.


  • High dispersion
  • Neutral stop
  • Optional magnet for full mass range down to 1amu
  • Stigmatic correction and beam adjustment
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