Specially Designed UHV Chamber with an Optimized Geometry for Combination of Sample Preparation Techniques and atomically resolved STM and AFM Applications.

The FlexPM module is based the high stability STM 150 Aarhus. The SPM Aarhus family includes configurations for pure STM and for STM/AFM combinations. For AFM, the special KolibriSensor is used which has a unique cross talk free parallel performance for STM and AFM. In all configurations, in situ tip preparation for optimum resolution in SPM is a unique feature of the Aarhus design. Fastest STM electronics as well as high flexibility Nanonis electronics for SPM can be chosen. The temperature range for SPM can be chosen from liquid nitrogen or helium to high temperatures up to 1300 K.

Depending on the application, suitable accessories for sample preparation can be chosen from a large range of options:

  • Ion source IQE 11/35 for sample preparation and tip preparation
  • E-beam evaporators in single pocket, EBE-1, or multipocket, EBE-4, configuration for thin film depositon
  • Sample storage with heating stage for sample preparation through direct current heating up to 1400 K


  • Optimized geometry for all SPM applications
  • Easily customizable
  • Easily upgradable
  • Cost-effective
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