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ErLEED 3000 D

Digital Control Unit for ErLEED 100/150 Optics for LEED/AES/EELS Applications

ErLEED 3000 D is a highly reliable digital control unit for ErLEED 100/150 optics with primary energy of the electrons variable from 0 - 3000 V. Due to high primary energy of the electrons, in addition to LEED applications, the unit can be used as an RFA controller for the operation of the LEED optics as an Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) or electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) applications. The unit can be controlled by either front-panel input in a quasi-analog manner or with the RFA-PC software. The latter offers a possibility of communication with a computer via a RS 232 interface, storing and recalling of experimental parameters, the permanent indication of all voltages etc.. The unit has up to 9 independent high precision HV-modules (primary energy, Wehnelt, anode, Einzel lens, suppressor,screen, collector, detection energy). True beam current is measured by a fully floating measuring unit. All significant voltages are displayed on a large LC display. The control unit offers the possibility  to control the electron energy by an external analog voltage and even be used in connection with other commercial LEED optics.


  • „Fully floating unit measures true beam current „„
  • Up to 9 independent high precision HV-modules (primary energy, Wehnelt, anode, Einzel lens, suppressor, screen, collector, detection energy)
  • „„Primary energy 0-1000 eV (LEED), 0-3000 eV (AES) „„
  • Screen voltage 0-10 kV „„
  • All voltages adjustable with offset and gain „„
  • Internal and external measurement of the beam current
  • „„Internal ramp generator with 0-2000 eV detection energy (AES)
  • „„Variable energy sweep and scan time „„
  • Collector voltage 0-500 V
  • „„Internal sine generator with 750 Hz - 1.25 kHz oscillator frequency, 0-12 V pp amplitude, 1f, 2f and reference output „„
  • External monitoring of the primary energy
  • „„External 0-10 V control of primary and detection energy „„
  • Preamplifier, filter and matching unit
  • „„Integrated lock-in amplifier (optional) „„
  • 18 bit D/A A/D converters for control and read-out of voltages „„
  • Large screen dot-matrix LC display with back-light „„
  • Manual operation by numeric keypad, up-down buttons, and rotary control knob „„
  • Operation by PC via RS232 interface „„
  • Non-volatile memory for store and recall of complete parameter settings „„
  • 19” rack, height 182 mm, weight 11.5 kg „„
  • Wide range mains input: 85-264 V, 47-440 Hz




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LaB6 cathode for ErLEED-optics

LaB6 cathode for ErLEED-optics, for long lifetime and small heating temperature, only for use in UHV. (do not use this filament in non baked vacuum and when using oxygen within the vacuum chamber)

Screencascade L97 - SCKAS

Screencascade for power supplies ErLEED 3000D or ErLEED 1000A

Thoria coated Iridium-Filament

Thoria coated Iridium-Filament for ErLEED , standard filament also for work in non baked vacuum.



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