Nanonis – Seamless generic preamplifier integration

Software control and automatic gain adjustment of up to 4 preamplifiers

SPM measurements typically require two types of preamplifiers: An I/V converter for the tunneling current, and an amplifier for the deflection of the AFM sensor. The latter can be a charge, I/V or voltage amplifier. While preamplifiers for AFM sensors usually have fixed gain and do not require remote control, the Nanonis Mimea software has been offering integrated control of a tunneling current preamplifiers for a long time.

This new feature now adds remote control of a variety of additional preamplifiers including the Nanonis MCVA5, all Femto® variable gain amplifiers and the Pluto Instruments PCG-380F-R. It also adds parallel remote control of two preamplifiers. Gain control is accessible directly from the user inputs module. As standard within the Nanonis software, all calibrations are adjusted according to the configured gain, ensuring that data are acquired with the correct absolute value and do not require gain compensation in post-processing.

Two DIO ports of the RC5 and RC5e can be used for remote control, as long as they are not used for other purposes. With the Nanonis MCVA5 that allows up to 8 channels of preamplification. Please send your license file to support, in case you wish to have support for additional preamplifiers added to your license at no cost.

This feature is available for Nanonis Mimea Software V5 and V5e and releases R10684 or above (May 2021). Note that this feature is already available for Nanonis Tramea software V5 and V5e.

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