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PMD4 Piezo motor driver

Piezo motor driver with highest peak-current delivery and patented output stage

piezo motor driver PDM4 von Nanonis
Nanonis 8- or 16-channel, high-current piezo motor driver

Nanonis offers an ultra-fast high-voltage ramp generator for driving stick-slip piezo motors. PMD4 was specifically designed with low-temperature applications in mind. The patented electronics of the PMD4 operates at voltages of up to ±400V and can drive a capacitive load of up to 3μF. The fast transition of the ramp is below 1μs with a peak current of over 20A. The sharp transitions and high voltages allow for simpler piezo stacks resulting in more rugged mechanical designs. The ground concept allows for different configurations and ensures absolute silence on the piezos when the motors are not running.

In the standard configuration one generator is multiplexed to 8 output lines. Configurations with 16 output lines or two independent generators for opposing or delayed voltage ramps are possible.

PMD4 versions

The following PMD4 versions are available:

Namepart numberWave formNumber of outputsPeak current
PMD4-8a2011751012Single822 A
PMD4-8aO2011751031Single84 A
PMD4c2011751013Single1622 kHz
PMD4cO Single164 A
PMD4b2011751052Dual with opposite polarity822 A
PMD4d2011751070Dual with relative delay822 A


  • Patented electronics with peak currents above 22 A
  • Drives loads of up to 3 µF
  • 8 or 16 output lines
  • Single or dual signal generators
  • Specifically designed for low-temperature setups
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