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FEMTO DDPCA-300 preamp kit/cable Kit

FEMTO DDPCA-300 preamp kit/cable kit

The variable gain sub femto ampere amplifier DDPCA-300 is the latest addition to FEMTO's broad range of low noise transimpedance amplifiers. Its exceptional design achieves input noise values down to 0.2 fA/√Hz and 0.4 fA peak-to-peak. The gain can be set over a very wide range from 104 up to 1013 V/A either manually or by a remote interface. Thus, the amplifier covers a large dynamic range of more than 240 dB for the measurement of currents from sub femto amps up to milli amps by simply switching the gain range. The compact housing is optimized for use close to the signal source avoiding signal perturbations or noise pick-up due to long cables. Various filters are integrated to adapt the amplifier bandwidth to varying signal conditions. Thus, the signal to noise ratio and measurement speed can be optimized by selecting the proper filter setting for a specific application. And even in the highest gain settings the measurement speed is sufficient to measure femto amp currents in real-time without the need for external averaging or long test periods.


  • Sub femtoampere variable gain preamplifier
  • Connector kit to the Nanonis SPM Control System
  • Software module to set amplification and current calibration automatically
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