Adaptation Kit for Beetle-type SPMs

Full software and manual control for any beetle-type SPM head

Nanonis Adaptation Kit
Adaptation kit for the Nanonis SPM Control System

The adaptation kit for beetle-type SPM heads offers full control for the operation of a beetle-type SPM head. All corse, scan and offset configurations are accessible through the Nanonis user interface and are, once configured, also available when using the PMD4 handset. The auxiliary channel of the HVA4 can easily be sued to add Z-offsets. With a dual-HVA4 configuration, the scan reach can be significantly extended also in X-Y direction by applying offset voltages to the electrodes of the outer piezo tubes if the central tube is used for scanning.


  • pin-compatible cables for Createc STM/AFM and RHK STM
  • digitally controlled translation/rotation selection
  • software or handset operation
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