Release Notes for Nanonis Tramea V5 Software

2020-07-28 (R9840)

  • TCP Programming Interface changed to allow multiple connections, each of them executing the commands serially. To execute commands in parallel, use multiple connections.
  • Performance improvements for some TCP Programming Interface functions
  • Various other fixes and improvements

2020-03-27 (R9427)

  • New Fast Spectroscopy module for measurements up to 1 MS/s
  • Lock-in: can now demodulate all FPGA signals. Possible application: tandem demodulation (demodulate the output of another demodulator)
  • Lock-in demodulators can be used as generic low-pass filters by setting harmonic to 0

2020-02-05 (R9203)

  • Support for Nanonis and Femto preamplifiers
  • Support for DIO Ports C & D added
  • 3D Sweeper: fixed bug with flipped axis for data display
  • 3D Sweeper monitors: support for color palettes

2019-08-29 (R8654)

  • Full Support for up to 3 SC5 and 2 SO5 (maximum of 4 devices total), i.e. the additional devices are supported in hrDAC (only SC5), Lock-in, Function Generator, High-Resolution Oscilloscope.
  • Output/Input modules: added custom views, which lets the user define groups of up to 8 outputs/inputs to be visible in addition to the standard view of channels per device.
  • Several other fixes and improvements

2018-10-03 (R8175)

  • Support for up to 3 SC5's, providing up to 24 output and 24 input channels
  • Script module: improved user interface with easier access to commands and drag&drop capability
  • 3D Sweeper: options to control the signals at the end of sweep, and optional alternate slew rates for ramping
  • Fixes a bug that could lead to a "Memory is full" error when using the 3D Sweeper
  • Performance optimizations in the software. When operating the software for a long time software operation could become sluggish. This update should improve the performance.
  • Several other fixes and improvements

2017-08-29 (R7370)

  • New nD Sweep Module
  • New Module for integration of external devices

2017-02-03 (R7070)

  • 3D Sweeper advanced options
  • Performance optimizations

2016-05-20 (R6503)

  • Multi-Channel Lock-In: new module which provides up to 8 frequency generators and modulators, and 8 dual phase demodulators. Each modulator and each demodulator can use any frequency generator as reference
  • Magnet Control: new module to control the magnetic field of magnet control instruments
  • Data Logger: new module to continuously save data to disk at RT speed
  • Script module: new features like the option to wait for a digital line or edge, and to set voltages based on a lookup table
  • History graph: new auto-saving routine
  • Support for new generation of RC5 controller (NI PXIe-8840 RT)
  • Note: after installing the RT-Upgrade required for this version, no previous versions can be installed
  • Various fixes and minor improvements

2015-12-16 (R6182)

  • 3D Sweeper: several improvements on user interface and functionality
  • Added Monitors for the 3D Sweeper
  • Programming Interface: some new functions added
  • Several other fixes and improvements

2015-10-06 (R5918)

  • Lock-In: all new Lock-in module with configurable filters (high-pass, low-pass, sync) and delay compensation
  • Scripting Tool: new module allowing the execution of user-defined scripts directly on the Real-time engine
  • Programming Interface: some new functions added
  • Various minor improvements

2015-07-14 (R5702)

  • Generic PI Controller can now be assigned to any User Output
  • Various other fixes and minor improvements

2015-02-15 (R5411, first release of software V5)

Changes in V5 compared to V4.5:

  • All new user interface
  • Various changes and new features throughout the whole software
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