Release Notes for Nanonis SPM V5 Software

2024-02-19 (R13520, x64)

  • Bias Spectroscopy: apply Z Offset after ramping Bias to start point
  • Fixed bug related to motor modules using the function generator
  • Fixed bug in the Data Logger where there were missing points between saved files
  • Some minor changes & fixes

2023-06-26 (R12997, x64)

  • Maintenance release with several bugfixes and minor changes

2023-04-03 (R12671, x64)

  • Maintenance release (this should fix the connection issue on certain systems)
  • Lock-in: allowing lower modulation frequency (down to 1 mHz) and lower low-pass filter cut-off frequencies
  • Some minor changes & fixes

2023-03-03 (R12595, x64)

  • Bias-Spectroscopy: added the option to stop or reverse the sweep when a condition or a combination of two conditions is met
  • Support for Basel Precision Instruments SP983c preamp
  • Various minor changes and bugfixes

2023-01-03 (R12464, x64)

  • Maintenance release (for certain configurations an error when loading a module could appear)

2022-12-08 (R12407, first 64-bit release)

  • First 64-bit release of the V5 software. Requires a one-time installation of the Nanonis V5 Runtime Environment. The 64-bit release will install in parallel to the 32-bit release, but is fully compatible, and all settings are maintained.
  • ZoomFFT: option to compensate for low-pass filter behavior.
  • Z-Spectroscopy: allow longer integration time (up to 10 s); don't skip settling time for 1st backward point when TTL sync functionality is used.

2022-11-15 (R12278)

  • The number of backgrounds to paste scan images has been increased from 5 to 10
  • The Data Logger does not have a limitation of 25.000 points per file any longer. The total number of points per file can be configured by the user, as well as the folder where the files are saved
  • Added programming support for the High Speed Sweeper
  • Added programming support for MultiPass
  • Added the Script module as part of the list of experiments to run in Point & Shoot
  • Fixed a bug in the API to get the scan data programmatically
  • Various bugfixes and minor changes

2022-05-26 (R11798)

  • All acquisition modules like Scan, Spectroscopy, ... now have access to the full signal list (instead of a pre-selected list of 24 signals). The Signals Assignment is no longer needed and has been removed.
    Be careful when using the programming interface to set the acquired channels in these modules, since the signal indices have a different meaning now (they are now indices of the full signals list, see Signals Manager for the indices).
    In the listboxes for the acquired signals one can switch between signal selection and selected signals.
  • Spectroscopy modules (Bias/Z) show data during measurement for sweeps taking more than 2 seconds
  • Improved accuracy of SC5 analog input offset correction (requires new hrDAC tuning)
  • Added support for the Pluto Instruments PCG-380F-R (R4 version) preamplifier
  • Various bugfixes and minor changes

2022-04-01 (R11566)

  • Integration of High-Speed Sweeper into Experiments on a Grid
  • Fixed a crash after hrDAC tuning in R11391
  • Various minor changes and fixes

2022-01-21 (R11391)

  • SC5 Fast AOs are available as user outputs; the Custom Views can be configured to display up to 12 outputs/inputs; the Custom Views can be combined and arranged in columns
  • Z-Spectroscopy: added TTL Sync options
  • PMD4 Motor Control module: frequency and amplitude now adjustable per group
  • Various minor changes and fixes

2021-06-18 (R10811)

  • Oscillation Control 2: added option to use Oscillation Control 1 frequency generator (with optional harmonic & phase shift)
  • UserChannels bundled into Outputs/Inputs window; SC5 Fast AOs are available as UOs; Custom Views up to 12 outputs/inputs; Multiple Custom Views can be shown in columns
  • Scan: option to disable start scan buttons when the Z-Ctrl is off
  • Q-Control: added PI/TCP interface support
  • Some minor changes & fixes

2021-05-04 (R10684)

  • Fix performance issue related to the configuration of User Outputs as calculated channels
  • Some additional fixes when loading-saving settings of User Outputs
  • Support for the MCVA5 and FEMTO preamplifiers by the User Inputs
  • New features in the Script module (additional LookUp Tables, and new command to move the tip)
  • New scale button in the Line Scan Monitors to have the same aspect ratio for both axes
  • Resizable Custom Views in the User Channels modules
  • Fix for control data entries in Approach-Retract module
  • Some minor changes

2021-02-12 (R10462)

  • New advanced features in the Lock-In module (option to generate an output signal in sync with a frequency generator and option to use the demodulators as configurable filters for any signal)
  • Added Offset for Input channel in Temperature modules
  • Fix for progress bar in Bias Spectroscopy
  • Fix for Outputs channels of SC5 #2/#3 or SO5
  • Fix for high RT CPU load in certain systems which might create connection issues (especially important for users of older RC5 with NI PXIe-8115 Real-Time Controllers, where the CPU of the RT system could easily overload)
  • Some minor changes

2020-12-30 (R10340)

  • Z-Controller SafeTip Auto-Recovery now also works when the Z-Controller is switched off.
  • Bugfix for PLL #2
  • Programming Interface: Added function to return the Z-Controller status (more details than just on/off)
  • Various minor changes and fixes

2020-11-20 (R10255)

  • Performance improvements Real-time system (especially important for users of older RC5 with NI PXIe-8115 Real-Time Controllers, where the CPU of the RT system could easily overload)
  • Performance improvements for some TCP Programming Interface functions
  • TCP Programming Interface changed to allow multiple connections, each of them executing the commands serially. To execute commands in parallel, use multiple connections.
  • Callback VI section in Multipass available to all users
  • Added ports C&D to the DIO Trigger experiment
  • Support for new Programming Interface functions (e.g. stop PLL sweepers and Tip Shaper)
  • Various other fixes and improvements

2020-06-09 (R9634)

  • Scan Control: 3 new DIO trigger options for frame start, frame end, scan direction
  • Better support for systems with unipolar piezo outputs
  • Lock-in: can now demodulate all FPGA signals. Possible application: tandem demodulation (demodulate the output of another demodulator)
  • Lock-in demodulators can be used as generic low-pass filters by setting harmonic to 0
  • Various new functions in the Programming Interface / TCP Interface
  • Many other fixes and improvements

2020-01-29 (R9170)

  • Switchable Scanner: optional module to switch the scan control between 2 scanners (one can be scanned, the other is kept at the current position)
  • Support for DIO Ports C & D added
  • New Attocube Motor Control for ANC350 v4
  • New motor module with 1 TTL line fully configurable
  • Cloud mode was improved to allow more points and massive better performance for point manipulation
  • Piezo Calibration: new voltage limits per calibration profile

2019-07-29 (R8591)

  • Oscillation Control: option to limit Exc >= 0 (no active damping)
  • Piezo Calibration: support for asymmetric voltage limits
  • Bias DC available as signal for Kelvin measurements

2018-04-24 (R7856)

  • Full support for up to 3 SC5 and 2 SO5 (maximum of 4 devices total), i.e. the additional devices are supported in hrDAC (only SC5), Lock-in, Function Generator, High-Resolution Oscilloscope.
  • Output/Input modules (for devices above SC5 #1): added custom views, which lets the user define groups of up to 8 outputs/inputs to be visible in addition to the standard view of channels per device.
  • Oscillation Control: flexible modulator configuration, allowing modes like Q-Control or dual excitation (using a single OC4).
  • Bugfix: On systems with comma (,) as decimal separator, the ZoomFFT module would incorrectly interpret the cutoff frequency and thus not work correctly for some cutoff frequency settings.
  • Many other fixes and improvements

2017-06-01 (R7249)

  • Performance optimizations in the software. When operating the software for a long time software operation could become sluggish. This update should improve the performance.
  • Bias Spectroscopy: added option to use an alternate Z-Controller setpoint before starting the spectroscopy measurement and added option to switch the lock-in on/off per segment in multi-line segment measurements. Also added an initial delay per segment to let the lock-in signals settle.
  • Z Spectroscopy: added 2nd condition to the Auto-Retract functionality
  • Script module: added new commands (if, break)
  • Scripts can now be called from the Scan module in pattern or subgrid modes. Several fixes in the Script module, e.g. related to LUT.
  • Fixed bug in Z-Spectroscopy which added one RT cycle per point with a specific timing configuration
  • Fixed bug in Scan Multipass where list of channels available for recording was wrong
  • For users of R7232 we strongly recommend this update due to a hrDAC issue for AO1 in R7232 which could lead to glitches at the output, and due to a bug using the Lock-In in Bias Specroscopy

2016-08-26 (R6772)

  • Support for up to 3 SC5's, providing up to additional 16 output and 16 input channels
  • Script module: improved user interface with easier access to commands and drag&drop capability
  • AtomTracking controller: Added speed limit for tip movement
  • Fixes a bug that could lead to a "Memory is full" error when using Bias Spectroscopy
  • Fixes a bug in the Lock-in low-pass filter configuration
  • Several other fixes and improvements

2016-05-20 (R6504)

  • Lock-In: second module with one additional modulator and two more demodulators
  • Programming Interface functions for full Lock-in functionality added (including filter settings and other parameters)
  • Data Logger: new module to continuously save data to disk at RT speed
  • Script module: new features like the option to wait for a digital line or edge, and to set voltages based on a lookup table
  • History graph: new auto-saving routine
  • Support for new generation of RC5 controller (NI PXIe-8840 RT)
  • Note: after installing the RT-Upgrade required for this version, no previous versions can be installed
  • Various fixes and minor improvements

2015-12-07 (R6151)

  • Lock-In: all new Lock-in module with configurable filters (high-pass, low-pass, sync) and delay compensation
  • Scripting Tool: new module allowing the execution of user-defined scripts directly on the Real-time engine
  • Programming Interface: some new functions added
  • Various minor improvements

2015-07-14 (R5702)

  • Frequency Sweep: new amplitude and phase fit options for resonance frequency and Q-factor determination
  • Generic PI Controller can now be assigned to any User Output
  • Programming Interface: added access to advanced options in Bias- and Z-Spectroscopy functions
  • Non-working mouse behavior on the Scan Control image on some systems fixed
  • Move button failure in Motor Controls PMD, Omicron and Newport fixed
  • Various other fixes and minor improvements

2015-04-24 (R5531)

  • Scan Control: new Histogram
  • Maintenance release, fixes various issues in the initial V5 release

2015-02-15 (R5411, first release of software V5)

Changes in V5 compared to V4.5:

  • All new user interface
  • New concept of Oscillation Control Module for multiple frequencies
  • Various changes and new features throughout the whole software
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