Release Notes for Nanonis SPM V5 Software

2022-01-21 (R11391)

  • SC5 Fast AOs are available as user outputs; the Custom Views can be configured to display up to 12 outputs/inputs; the Custom Views can be combined and arranged in columns
  • Z-Spectroscopy: added TTL Sync options
  • PMD4 Motor Control module: frequency and amplitude now adjustable per group
  • Various minor changes and fixes

2021-06-18 (R10811)

  • Oscillation Control 2: added option to use Oscillation Control 1 frequency generator (with optional harmonic & phase shift)
  • UserChannels bundled into Outputs/Inputs window; SC5 Fast AOs are available as UOs; Custom Views up to 12 outputs/inputs; Multiple Custom Views can be shown in columns
  • Scan: option to disable start scan buttons when the Z-Ctrl is off
  • Q-Control: added PI/TCP interface support
  • Some minor changes & fixes

2021-05-04 (R10684)

  • Fix performance issue related to the configuration of User Outputs as calculated channels
  • Some additional fixes when loading-saving settings of User Outputs
  • Support for the MCVA5 and FEMTO preamplifiers by the User Inputs
  • New features in the Script module (additional LookUp Tables, and new command to move the tip)
  • New scale button in the Line Scan Monitors to have the same aspect ratio for both axes
  • Resizable Custom Views in the User Channels modules
  • Fix for control data entries in Approach-Retract module
  • Some minor changes

2021-02-12 (R10462)

  • New advanced features in the Lock-In module (option to generate an output signal in sync with a frequency generator and option to use the demodulators as configurable filters for any signal)
  • Added Offset for Input channel in Temperature modules
  • Fix for progress bar in Bias Spectroscopy
  • Fix for Outputs channels of SC5 #2/#3 or SO5
  • Fix for high RT CPU load in certain systems which might create connection issues (especially important for users of older RC5 with NI PXIe-8115 Real-Time Controllers, where the CPU of the RT system could easily overload)
  • Some minor changes

2020-12-30 (R10340)

  • Z-Controller SafeTip Auto-Recovery now also works when the Z-Controller is switched off.
  • Bugfix for PLL #2
  • Programming Interface: Added function to return the Z-Controller status (more details than just on/off)
  • Various minor changes and fixes

2020-11-20 (R10255)

  • Performance improvements Real-time system (especially important for users of older RC5 with NI PXIe-8115 Real-Time Controllers, where the CPU of the RT system could easily overload)
  • Performance improvements for some TCP Programming Interface functions
  • TCP Programming Interface changed to allow multiple connections, each of them executing the commands serially. To execute commands in parallel, use multiple connections.
  • Callback VI section in Multipass available to all users
  • Added ports C&D to the DIO Trigger experiment
  • Support for new Programming Interface functions (e.g. stop PLL sweepers and Tip Shaper)
  • Various other fixes and improvements

2020-06-09 (R9634)

  • Scan Control: 3 new DIO trigger options for frame start, frame end, scan direction
  • Better support for systems with unipolar piezo outputs
  • Lock-in: can now demodulate all FPGA signals. Possible application: tandem demodulation (demodulate the output of another demodulator)
  • Lock-in demodulators can be used as generic low-pass filters by setting harmonic to 0
  • Various new functions in the Programming Interface / TCP Interface
  • Many other fixes and improvements

2020-01-29 (R9170)

  • Switchable Scanner: optional module to switch the scan control between 2 scanners (one can be scanned, the other is kept at the current position)
  • Support for DIO Ports C & D added
  • New Attocube Motor Control for ANC350 v4
  • New motor module with 1 TTL line fully configurable
  • Cloud mode was improved to allow more points and massive better performance for point manipulation
  • Piezo Calibration: new voltage limits per calibration profile

2019-07-29 (R8591)

  • Oscillation Control: option to limit Exc >= 0 (no active damping)
  • Piezo Calibration: support for asymmetric voltage limits
  • Bias DC available as signal for Kelvin measurements

2018-04-24 (R7856)

  • Full support for up to 3 SC5 and 2 SO5 (maximum of 4 devices total), i.e. the additional devices are supported in hrDAC (only SC5), Lock-in, Function Generator, High-Resolution Oscilloscope.
  • Output/Input modules (for devices above SC5 #1): added custom views, which lets the user define groups of up to 8 outputs/inputs to be visible in addition to the standard view of channels per device.
  • Oscillation Control: flexible modulator configuration, allowing modes like Q-Control or dual excitation (using a single OC4).
  • Bugfix: On systems with comma (,) as decimal separator, the ZoomFFT module would incorrectly interpret the cutoff frequency and thus not work correctly for some cutoff frequency settings.
  • Many other fixes and improvements

2017-06-01 (R7249)

  • Performance optimizations in the software. When operating the software for a long time software operation could become sluggish. This update should improve the performance.
  • Bias Spectroscopy: added option to use an alternate Z-Controller setpoint before starting the spectroscopy measurement and added option to switch the lock-in on/off per segment in multi-line segment measurements. Also added an initial delay per segment to let the lock-in signals settle.
  • Z Spectroscopy: added 2nd condition to the Auto-Retract functionality
  • Script module: added new commands (if, break)
  • Scripts can now be called from the Scan module in pattern or subgrid modes. Several fixes in the Script module, e.g. related to LUT.
  • Fixed bug in Z-Spectroscopy which added one RT cycle per point with a specific timing configuration
  • Fixed bug in Scan Multipass where list of channels available for recording was wrong
  • For users of R7232 we strongly recommend this update due to a hrDAC issue for AO1 in R7232 which could lead to glitches at the output, and due to a bug using the Lock-In in Bias Specroscopy

2016-08-26 (R6772)

  • Support for up to 3 SC5's, providing up to additional 16 output and 16 input channels
  • Script module: improved user interface with easier access to commands and drag&drop capability
  • AtomTracking controller: Added speed limit for tip movement
  • Fixes a bug that could lead to a "Memory is full" error when using Bias Spectroscopy
  • Fixes a bug in the Lock-in low-pass filter configuration
  • Several other fixes and improvements

2016-05-20 (R6504)

  • Lock-In: second module with one additional modulator and two more demodulators
  • Programming Interface functions for full Lock-in functionality added (including filter settings and other parameters)
  • Data Logger: new module to continuously save data to disk at RT speed
  • Script module: new features like the option to wait for a digital line or edge, and to set voltages based on a lookup table
  • History graph: new auto-saving routine
  • Support for new generation of RC5 controller (NI PXIe-8840 RT)
  • Note: after installing the RT-Upgrade required for this version, no previous versions can be installed
  • Various fixes and minor improvements

2015-12-07 (R6151)

  • Lock-In: all new Lock-in module with configurable filters (high-pass, low-pass, sync) and delay compensation
  • Scripting Tool: new module allowing the execution of user-defined scripts directly on the Real-time engine
  • Programming Interface: some new functions added
  • Various minor improvements

2015-07-14 (R5702)

  • Frequency Sweep: new amplitude and phase fit options for resonance frequency and Q-factor determination
  • Generic PI Controller can now be assigned to any User Output
  • Programming Interface: added access to advanced options in Bias- and Z-Spectroscopy functions
  • Non-working mouse behavior on the Scan Control image on some systems fixed
  • Move button failure in Motor Controls PMD, Omicron and Newport fixed
  • Various other fixes and minor improvements

2015-04-24 (R5531)

  • Scan Control: new Histogram
  • Maintenance release, fixes various issues in the initial V5 release

2015-02-15 (R5411, first release of software V5)

Changes in V5 compared to V4.5:

  • All new user interface
  • New concept of Oscillation Control Module for multiple frequencies
  • Various changes and new features throughout the whole software
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