Release Notes for Nanonis Mimea V5e Software

2020-06-18 (5.1.9651)

  • Scan Control: 3 new DIO trigger options for frame start, frame end, scan direction
  • Better support for systems with unipolar piezo outputs
  • Lock-in: can now demodulate all FPGA signals. Possible application: tandem demodulation (demodulate the output of another demodulator)
  • Lock-in demodulators can be used as generic low-pass filters by setting harmonic to 0
  • Various new functions in the Programming Interface / TCP Interface
  • Many other fixes and improvements

2020-02-07 (5.1.9226)

  • Switchable Scanner: optional module to switch the scan control between 2 scanners (one can be scanned, the other is kept at the current position)
  • Support for DIO Ports C & D added
  • New Attocube Motor Control for ANC350 v4
  • New motor module with 1 TTL line fully configurable
  • Cloud mode was improved to allow more points and massive better performance for point manipulation
  • Piezo Calibration: new voltage limits per calibration profile

2019-09-30 (5.1.8718, first release of V5e)

Changes in V5e compared to V5:

  • High-speed scanning (up to 1 M Pixel per second)
  • High-speed spectroscopy (up to 1 MS/s)
  • Higher Z-Controller bandwidth possible
  • AFM Extensions for more advanced AFM operation, e.g. Q-Control
  • 64-bit software, allowing allocation of larger memory blocks and thus e.g. higher resolution scanning