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SPM Aarhus 150
In-Situ Access

Specular and evaporation

Scan Range

1.500 nm x 1.500 nm

Temerature Control

2 controlled subsystems for sample & scanner

Operating Modes

  • STM
  • AFM


  • STM tip
  • KolibriSensor

Optional Accessories

  • STM tips
  • Kolibri sensors
  • Sample holders

Required Accessories

  • STM tips
  • Kolibri sensors
  • Sample holders

Working Pressure

10-11 to 10-7 mbar

Temperature Stability

Better than ±2 K (150 K...400 K)

Sensitivity z Range

±175 nm

Drift Rate

< 0.05 nm/min (vert), < 0.15 nm/min (lat)


< 10 pm

Mounting Flange


Control Electronics

  • Nanonis
  • SPC 260

Product details
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