Leading components and systems for surface preparation and analysis

SPECS leads the way in state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge components, compact and individually designed systems for surface analysis. SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH headquarters are situated in the center of Germany’s capital Berlin.

SPECS has been founded in 1983. In the early days the focus has been the development of peripherical hardware and software to control scientific experiments. After taking over the technology from Leybold in 1990 the company shifted its focus to surface analytical equipment. Now, 30 years and many technical developments later SPECS is the world-leading german company for surface analysis. The scientists and engineers in the company are - via SPECSGROUP - embedded in a global team of more than 130 employees designing, producing, selling and maintaining instruments for surface science, material science and nanotechnology. SPECS continuously innovates new state-of-the-art instrumentation for your research.

SPECS is ...

... the competent partner for research projects.

SPECS employs more than 50 experts in method development, electron optics simulation, instruments design, system integration and applications. Customers can expect a competent and honest consultancy regarding methods and the expected outcome for the applications.

... the expert in customized developments and design.

SPECS has more than 20 years experience in evaluation of customers needs, developing tailor-made concepts for every surface analytical application and realization of such customized instruments.

... innovating every day.

Innovation drives our daily business. This is not limited to innovation in methods and instruments, but also in modern production methods. Latest project in the latter point has been the introduction of additive manufacturing methods, like metal laser melting ("metal 3D-printing") allowing for better design and on-time production of parts and components. This is also offered as a commercial service for customers.

... known for their long-life components and systems.

Some of our customers are still using systems from 20-30 years ago and we still can provide many spare-parts and services to these instruments.

... taking service seriously.

A scientific instrument, component or system is only as helpful as its uptime and reliability. We continuously and successfully adapt our service structure to the growing installed base to fulfill our service policy.

... part of RSBG SE Advanced Manufacturing.

SPECS is thankful that since the early days there has always been a stable owner situation with a strong commitment of the shareholders to our business. Since 2021 SPECS is proud to be part of RSBG SE Advanced Manufacturing. This gives stability, that SPECS and thus also our customers can rely on.

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