Zaragoza, Spain

ZCAM-ASEVA Metal-Oxide Ultrathin Films and Nanostructures

Metal-oxide nanostructures, including both oxide nanostructures on metal surfaces and metal nanoparticles supported on oxides are among the most promising materials for the transition to a sustainable, green economy, with applications ranging from catalysis and solar energy harvesting to bio-implants. Finite size, proximity and charging effects confer metal-oxide nanostructures and interfaces with novel properties and functionalities that are absent in the individual components. Key aspects include new structural motifs, electronic behavior, magnetic effects, optoelectronic properties and catalytic activity.

This workshop will gather leading experts to discuss the state-of-the art in the preparation, characterization and theoretical description of metal-oxide ultrathin films and nanostructures, and to identify the current challenges and future directions in the field. The topics will cover from model systems, key to understand the fundamental properties of these hybrid interfaces, to current and prospective applications in nanotechnology. In order to foster an inclusive environment and personal connections between participants, the attendance will be limited to a maximum of 70 participants.

This workshop that takes over from the IUVSTA-ASEVA Workshops devoted to Oxides Systems in Physics and Chemistry, from which the last one was held in Ávila, Spain, in July 2018, welcomes the participation of graduate students and young researchers.

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