Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang, China

11-th International Symposium on Ultrafast Surface Dynamics

The Ultrafast Surface Dynamics (USD) is an international symposium, which started in 1997 in Ascona Switzerland, and has since been held every 2-3 years alternating in various locations in Europe, the USA, and Japan. The conference focuses on the fundamental electronic excitations in solids, solid surfaces, and interfaces, which may ultimately couple to other degrees of freedom such atomic, molecular, spin, and other excitations, which evolve on time scales from attoseconds to picoseconds.

The program of USD11 will encompass, but is not limited to, experiments on dynamics of interfacial electron transfer, the spin-dependent dynamics in topological materials, femtosecond relaxation during the photoemission of electrons, dynamical screening, collective excitations in solids, correlated electron phenomena, etc. A further focus will be the development and application of theoretical models that describe electronically excited states and their dynamics. New impulses are to be expected from the work on spin liquids and new developments in the field of time-resolved density function theory. The main objectives of the meeting are to exchange ideas on the current scientific results, the initiation and deepening of bilateral and multilateral cooperation among research groups, the discussion and development of visions on future research, and stimulation of ultrafast science research in China.

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