Surface Analysis ‘24 & PNWAVS

Richland, USA

The 2024 Annual Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis (Surface Analysis ‘24) will be held jointly with the 35th Annual Symposium of the Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNWAVS) of AVS.

Surface Analysis ‘24, the bi-annual topical conference sponsored by the Applied Surface Science Division, is an interdisciplinary meeting to discuss advances in surface science and applications. PNWAVS hosts a symposium each year to discuss the latest developments in surface, interface, and vacuum research in the Pacific Northwest region. This year, we will host a joint meeting that will be held at Discovery Hall at PNNL. PNNL is a leading center for scientific discovery in chemistry, data analytics, and Earth science, and for technological innovation in sustainable energy and national security. The theme of this meeting will highlight fundamental and...

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