SUM 2024

Saint-Aubin, France
SUM 2024

18th SOLEIL User's Meeting

This invaluable forum for the synchrotron radiation users’ community will provide the opportunity to exchange and learn about the evolution of the machine and the beamlines.

It will also be the opportunity to share scientific, technical and practical issues about the synchrotron radiation use. 

The plenary lecturer will cover recent research highlights of SOLEIL in the following areas:

  • Dynamic, Reactivity and Chemical analysis

Scientific communications will be presented during three parallel sessions, selected from the submitted abstracts.

In the afternoon of January, 18th, a social time and scientific exchange will be held at SOLEIL, including the poster session, stands from commercial exhibitors and the dinner buffet.

Tutorial will be organised on site on Friday afternoon the 19th of January, 2024. Details about the tutorial will be communicated later.

In parallel, a round table will be held on Friday 19th of January, 2024 at SOLEIL: TEA-BAG - Exchange about the BAG projects 

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