Columbus, Ohio, USA

8th Conference on Spin Polarized STM and Nanoscale Magnetic Imaging

SPSTM-8 continues a tradition of biennial conferences rotating between sites in Europe, Asia and North America. The series began in 2006 (Hamburg, Germany), and was followed by conferences in 2008 (Athens, OH; USA), 2010 (Seoul, South Korea), 2012 (Timmendorfer Strand, Germany), 2014 (Sandusky, OH; USA), 2016 (Chiba, Japan) and 2018 (Nijmegen, Netherlands). The conference scope traditionally features not only spin polarized STM results specifically, but also advanced scanned probe and imaging methods more broadly. This years’ conference will build on this tradition by featuring reports from a variety of other scanned probe, electron and optical microscopies with nanoscale magnetic resolution.

The dates for SPSTM-8/NMI-1 were chosen to facilitate attendance and travel to other spin and nanoscience meetings, including the International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology (ICN+T) meeting in Vancouver (7/19-7/24), the Physics and Applications of Spin Phenomena in Solids (PASPS-11) meeting at Penn State (7/20-7/23), and Microscopy & Microanalysis 20 meeting in Wisconsin (8/2-8/6). OSU is also site of a new NSF soft-x-ray facility (NSF NeXUS : National Extreme Ultrafast Science Facility) that will be hosting a kick-off meeting from 7/30-7/31 to start building its user base. We hope SPSTM-8/NMI-1 becomes part of a productive and scientifically energizing summer conference season for you!

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