RAU 33rd

Campinas, Brazil

The RAU meeting aims to gather researchers who use LNLS scientific instrumentation to perform cutting-edge experiments in areas such as Materials Science, Health and Pharmacology, Environmental Science  Energy, Biotechnology, X-ray Imaging, Oil and Gas, Chemistry, and others.

RAU is an important forum for discussion, evaluation, and presentation of proposals for the improvement of the research projects to be performed at the Brazilian synchrotron light source, Sirius – one of the most advanced synchrotron machines in the world. With the start of regular user operation of 6 Sirius beamlines simultaneously with the ongoing commissioning and installation of new beamlines, the participation of the scientific community is essential to describe their needs and expectations for the Sirius beamlines as well as the first scientific results obtained.

The RAU meeting is the ideal place to foster this debate!

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