NAP-XPS workshop at TUM

Munich, Germany
NAP-XPS workshop at TU-M

Workshop “Advanced Spectroscopy for Energy Storage & Conversion”

Thanks to technological advances, in situ and operando spectroscopy approaches are nowadays widely applied to energy-relevant materials and processes. In particular for energy storage and conversion, ever more in-depth information can be gained for a fundamental understanding of batteries, fuel cells, or electrolyzers, as well as (photo)electrocatalytic applications. While many of the in situ spectroscopy methods were traditionally only available at (synchrotron) user facilities, lab-based systems are becoming more wide-spread these days. These systems offer easier access to synthesis-supporting experiments on site and allow for optimized geometries for liquid-phase experiments. The aim of this workshop is to discuss new and exciting possibilities in energy conversion and storage research and to serve as a kick-off meeting for the new lab-based NAP-XPS system that is about to become available within the Cluster of Excellence e-conversion at TU Munich.

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