Le Gosier, Guadeloupe

Gather around researchers with several common points in various fields ranging from physics to biology through chemistry, medical sciences and materials sciences. Create strong links between different scientific communities to initiate multi-technique collaborations for scientific advance under a multidisciplinary approach. Initiate international projects between European, American and Caribbean labs including emerging countries (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina).


Impact of Nanotechnology in materials & life sciences
Nanoengineering of materials
Applied physics and chemistry for health
Phyto-nanotechnology and applications
From theoretical chemistry to biological processes

Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedecine
Nanobioelectronics for theragnostics and biosensors
Nanobiomechanics and applications in nanobiology
Tissue engineering and regenerative nanomedicine
Nanomicrobiology and applications

Nano & biomaterials for health
Nanomaterials and smart materials for health
Structure and applications of biomimetic materials
Nanotoxicity, nanovectorization and drug delivery systems

Nano-instrumentation & latest advances
Computational and machine learning methods
Instruments and methods for samples nano exploration
New advances in micro and nano imaging
Latest coupling techniques with imaging super-resolution

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