M&M 2023 Meeting

Minneapolis, USA

A14 - Surface and Subsurface Microscopy and Microanalysis of Physical and Biological Specimens

Surface properties dictate the performance of many physical and biological systems. Surface characterization needs are pushing to detect and image species present in ever-lower concentrations and within ever-smaller spatial and depth dimensions. This symposium emphasizes state-of-the-art surface analytical instrumentation encompassing all aspects of surface and near-surface analyses, such as imaging mass spectrometry, scanning probe microscopy, and other probe-based techniques. We will cover advanced data analysis tools; correlative imaging (e.g., AFM and SEM; AFM and SIMS; FIB-SIMS; APT and TEM) The use of complementary surface instrumentation to perform a complete analysis of complex systems; quantitative microanalysis; data processing; and surface analytical challenges will be highlighted. Both platform and poster presentations are encouraged.

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