Meeting of PSRS Members and Solaris Centre Users

Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland

In 2020, the first conference in the series "Joint Meeting of the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Members and SOLARIS Centre Users" was held, which aimed to familiarize scientists from Poland and the world with the research opportunities at the Krakow SOLARIS synchrotron. In light of the progress and development of the National Synchrotron Radiation Centre - SOLARIS synchrotron, the second edition of this international conference is planned to be organized on 20th-23rd September 2022, to bring together the communities of scientists associated with the SOLARIS synchrotron beamlines and scientists from the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society. The conference aims to integrate the community of users of synchrotron radiation and its consolidation at the SOLARIS synchrotron. For this reason, the conference will be organized jointly by the National Synchrotron Radiation Center and the Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society.

The conference "Joint Meeting of Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society and SOLARIS Centre Users" will enable the exchange of knowledge and experience in scientific research using synchrotron radiation and will undoubtedly help ensure the highest world level of scientific research conducted at the synchrotron in Krakow. Moreover, the conference will be an excellent forum for popularizing Polish science and disseminating knowledge about synchrotron radiation and research opportunities related to its use. The topics of the conference will cover virtually all areas of science, from physics, through biology, chemistry, geology, and environmental engineering. Therefore, the conference will allow increasing the research potential of Polish research centers, which is especially important now, because the first beamlines in the SOLARIS synchrotron have been commissioned and employed to research projects by users. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to discuss new beamlines and discuss ideas related to scientific projects that can already be implemented on the currently launched SOLARIS synchrotron beamlines.

As part of the conference, it will be possible to present the results of research obtained with the use of synchrotron radiation and the opportunity to listen to lectures by invited lecturers. The program includes several review lectures summarizing the current state of scientific and technological achievements and presenting development trends in the field of research using the SOLARIS synchrotron. The didactic aspect of the conference is particularly important for young scientists, graduate students, or doctoral students, who constitute the direct scientific and research base of the future scientific groups of SOLARIS users. Equally important is the opportunity to exchange experiences between more advanced users of synchrotron radiation and to share these experiences with a group of young scientists.

The official language of the meeting is English.

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