St. Moritz, Switzerland

5th European Workshop on Epitaxial Graphene and 2D Materials

The scope of the 5th edition of the EWEG2D is the physics and chemistry of 2-dimensional (2D) materials with a focus on mono- or few layer systems grown on well-defined substrates. After having to postpone the workshop twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are very happy to announce the physical meeting for end of May 2022.

The workshop addresses the entire range of 2D materials: ranging from graphene to stanine and from transition metal dichalcogenides to the van der Waals ferromagnets. 2D materials derived nanostructures like graphene nanoribbons, membranes, hybrids with molecules or clusters, and heteroepitaxial systems involving different 2D-layers vertically or laterally stacked and their synthesis by new methods like molecular beam epitaxy or ultralow pressure chemical vapor deposition are key topics of the conference. The workshop includes studies on the interaction of 2D-materials with their environment, for example the adsorption of atoms or molecules, the effect of the substrate, or the interaction with light, electric or magnetic fields. 

EWEG2D’22 is concerned with the experimental determination of structural, electronic, magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties of supported and freestanding 2D-materials, where defects, edges, moirés, and doping of 2D materials are of considerable interest. Additionally, theoretical modelling of properties, new effects, functions, and novel material system constitute an integral part of the workshop program.

Continuing the tradition of the previous editions, EWEG2D’22 is set to give a comprehensive review of the latest developments in the field by a selection of distinguished invited speakers, contributed talks and poster sessions. At the same time the location and schedule should stimulate inspiring scientific exchange and networking between senior and young researchers.

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