Grenoble, France

The 25th International Conference on the Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Systems (EP2DS-25) and 21st International Conference on Modulated Semiconductor Structures (MSS-21)

  • Electronic, optical, and magnetic properties of nano- and heterostructures
  • Quantum Hall effects and related phenomena
  • Spintronics and spin related phenomena
  • Topological materials and phenomena (including Majorana fermions)
  • 2D materials
  • Quantum Information
  • Superconductivity in low dimensions and hybrid systems
  • Nanophotonics (including photonic crystals and metamaterials)
  • Nanomechanics, MEMS/NEMS, and optomechanics
  • Novel materials and structures
  • Advances in growth, processing, and probing techniques
  • Device applications
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