Grainau, Germany

For both series this will be the first conference after the COVID pandemic. It is planned as a face-to-face event and will bring together scientists from all over Europe and the world, who are interested in theoretical and experimental studies of structural and electronic properties of surfaces and interfaces.

Several novel material systems have been in the focus of condensed matter research in recent years. Examples are 2D materials and their heterostructures, TMDCs, and topological materials. For all of them, surfaces and interfaces play an important role. The careful investigation of structural aspects at the surfaces and interfaces of these materials, in addition to more traditional metals, semiconductors and oxides, will be one of the foci of the conference. Other recent developments that will feature prominently are the extension of ultrafast experiments to the investigation of surface structures, the use of angle-resolved photoemission for structural investigations at surfaces, and the possibility to craft atomic and molecular structures with scanning probe microscopes, which allow the creation of designer materials with tailored properties.

We particularly encourage contributions from young scientists. Attending the conference will provide them with an opportunity to meet with experienced and internationally recognized colleagues. Traditionally, beside the renowned “Surface Structure Prize”, the ICSOS series also advertises the “ICSOS Young Scientist Price” for the best PhD thesis in the field. For details of the nomination procedure please refer to the ICSOS Prizes page.

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