The 7th International APXPS Workshop

The 7th International APXPS Workshop, APXPS-2020, will be hosted by Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), Korea. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will be held online. The workshop provides the open space for scientists to discuss and exchange ideas on the latest developments and applications of Ambient Pressure XPS. The major topics of APXPS-2020 will include, but not limited to, Materials and Interfaces, Catalysis, Electrochemistry, and Environmental Science.  

The date of the workshop will be Dec. 15th~17th, 2020. The workshop includes plenary and invited speakers, contributed talks, and poster sessions.  Even though the workshop will be held online, we will do our best to maintain the spirit of previous APXPS workshop by holding “Once-A-Day (OAD) Get-Together” session, Giveaway event for available participants, and virtual tour of APXPS beamline at PAL. The APXPS-2020 is planned jointly by the local organizing committee from IBS, GIST, KAIST, KBSI, KNU, PAL, and SNU.

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